The Stand (Signet)

The Stand - Stephen King (*Note: this is not a review of the book*)In my endeavor to read all of Stephen King's published works in the order in which they were published I ran into a bit of trouble with the Stand. King's website has a comprehensive list of his written works that you can organize by various parameters, including publication date. I decided that if they were short stories that I would read them according to when they were collected, not originally published. If they hadn't been collected yet (i.e. they were published in some magazine 40 years ago) I wasn't going to worry about them. And so it began.CarrieRage (Bachman story that of which it was very difficult to get a copy of, and I admittedly haven't actually finished reading yet).The ShiningThe Night Shift a Collection of short stories including: Battleground, Children of the Corn, Graveyard Shift, I am the Doorway, I Know What you Need, Jerusalem's Lot, Night Surf, One for the Road, Quitter's Inc., Sometimes they Come Back, Strawberry Spring, The Boogeyman, The Last Rung on the Ladder, The Lawnmower Man, The Ledge, The Man Who Loved Flowers, The Mangler, The Woman in the Room, Trucks and Grey Matter.The Long Walk (Bachman Novel)The Dead ZoneFirestarterDanse MacabreIt was while reading Danse Macabre that I came across a reference to the Stand as a book that he had already written and published. I was very confused as to why it wasn't on the list. I try to make sure I have the next book lined up before I finish the current book so that there's no waiting. After a little research I was able to discover that he originally published The Stand in 1978 with a lot (more than 150,000 words) cut from the manuscript. It was later republished with some of that put in and pop culture references amended. I thought it would be fun to read the original cut version and then the updated complete uncut version and see the differences, but I had a difficult time locating a copy of one of the originals, so I said forget it. On Sundays at the book store we buy used books from people to have in the store and sell. I think you can see where this is going. Someone brought in one of those original 1980 printings of The Stand. Thusly, my reading of the Gunslinger is being put on hold.And just to finish up where we're at in the King list:RoadworkCujoDifferent Seasons a novella collection containing Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, The Body, Apt Pupil and The Breathing MethodThe Running Man